Why Should I Give to Charity?

What do you think of when you hear the word "charity?" Do you think of the disruptive phone calls you receive during dinner? How about the annoying people asking for donations inside the entrance to department stores? Do you associate only negative images with charities, or do you recognize the value of charities?

Charities fill a vital role in our society as they address specific needs and causes. Some of those causes you would agree with; others you would consider to be unimportant at best. Without the contribution charities make, though, our society would be far worse off.

As with any other organization, charities need finances in order to function and fulfill their mandates. However, people do not typically give to a charity just to keep it afloat. They give for far more significant reasons.

You may want to give to a charity because you believe in what that charity is doing. This is perhaps the most significant reason to give. When you believe in a charity, you will support it faithfully and cheerfully. You will want to partner with your selected charity and participate as it achieves its purpose.

Giving to charity will also give you a certain sense of self-satisfaction. Rather than using your money only to meet your own selfish desires, you can realize the pleasure of giving to help someone else.

Finally, charitable giving will break the power that your wealth has over you. Whether you are rich or you have trouble making ends meet, your possessions can take possession of you. When this happens, you will never be satisfied with what you have; you will always want more. By giving to others, you can break the grasp your possessions have on you. It will help you see things in perspective and restore freedom to your life.

Consider what causes are really important to you. Perhaps it is related to your faith, a disease that has affected you personally, or a need around the globe that has tugged on your heart. Then find a reputable charity that is addressing that cause and start giving to support it. You can make a one-time gift or make arrangements for a recurring donation. Not only will you benefit on your tax return, but you will experience the personal benefits of giving as well.